Yoga And Meditation For Weight Loss

Meditation for weight loss – can it work? As we all know meditation involves sitting still or even lying down. It doesn’t sound like the sort of ‘exercise’ that’s going to help us lose weight, does it?

In this chapter, I will discuss how meditation for weight loss works and give you tips on how to lose weight through a technique called ‘mindful meditation.’

Yoga And Meditation For Weight Loss

How Can Meditation Help Weight Loss?


Astonishing as it may be, meditation for weight loss – in particular, ‘mindful meditation’ – is increasingly being used by people wanting to control food cravings and manage to overeat. Mindful meditation can also be used to control stress; thereby preventing ‘comfort eating’ borne out of that stress.


As we grow more mindful, we become more aware of our cravings and can learn to pay attention to the emotions underlying them – i.e. we can make a more informed choice before simply reaching for that naughty chocolate bar! If you practice mindful eating every day then in time, you will learn to enjoy your food more. You will also be better able to recognize when you are full – meaning you will naturally start consuming fewer calories.


This is excellent news because high cortisol levels can cause pre-diabetes and central obesity (which is associated with heart disease). Plus, cortisol starts a cascade in our brains which can lead to a bigger appetite and big cravings, too.


What’s Being Mindful?


During ‘Mindful’ meditation your goal is to remain ‘mindful’ or ‘aware’ constantly. When thoughts creep into your mind, you can firstly acknowledge them, and secondly, simply ‘let them go’. When you practice mindful meditation for weight loss, lots of mental ‘junk’ and ‘clutter’ is bound to come up. This includes negative body images and desires for food where they exist. The good news is, the longer you practice meditation techniques, the easier it becomes to put these thoughts and their accompanying emotions quickly and directly into your ‘mental recycling bin’. Also, ‘mindful’ eating – that’s the process of eating slowly and silently while concentrating on the food only during your mealtimes – can help you become more in tune with your body’s natural cues and you become better able to stop eating before you are stuffed full.


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