What Does Weight Loss Really Mean to You?

Weight loss is a profound and powerful thing. It changes lives, recharges dream, and improves health. The ripple effect of weight loss touches other areas of life. It is not easy, and it is not always the path of least resistance, but it is worthy. There is wealth, perhaps a confusing wealth, of information out there regarding weight loss. Individuals need to educate themselves about how the body works, and what type of diet is best for them. Should they count calories, restrict carbohydrates, or watch their fats? These are difficult to decide on. They may find themselves learning to cook for the first time, or discovering exercise. What type of exercise is best? Should they do cardio, lift weights or both? There is much information to explore. It is a journey of the mind as well as that of the body. Weight loss involves dealing with wins and setbacks. Accept this as part of the process and keep a log of everything.

What Does Weight Loss Really Mean to You?

Sometimes no weight is lost, but inches are. The more a person keeps track of their progress, the more aware of success they can be. A great way to measure progress is by clothing fit. They should reward themselves in some way (preferably not with food!) for reaching milestones. Weight loss affects confidence and how a person moves in the world. Feeling lighter feels good, and the happiness it creates is contagious. Others are likely to ask about your success and want to know how they can do it too. Some of them may become weight loss friends, and some are simply asking out of curiosity. The decision to change must come from them.

Most people who lose weight find that it gives them more energy. Exercise, for instance, creates endorphins that can relieve depression. Other things, like being able to wear clothes that do not bind or pinch, are uplifting. This increase in energy is a win-win because it makes them less likely to settle in on the couch with a bag of chips every night. Losing weight means overcoming challenges. One must figure out which healthy foods are just as satisfying as the unhealthy ones. They may begin a workout and only be able to do portions of it at first, then work their way up to completing it. There will be days when they are just not feeling like making healthy choices or choosing to be active. Those days can make or break weight loss success. Other people are likely to see the healthy changes and be inspired to improve their weight.


There are occasional naysayers who minimize the joy of weight loss success, but they are best ignored. People are especially likely to notice weight loss when it is substantial enough to warrant a new wardrobe. This is a weight loss rite of passage to be celebrated! People may find themselves shopping in stores that were once not right for them. A lot of the fun of weight loss is getting stylish new clothes. Many times, overweight people want to hide, and use clothing as camouflage. They will likely find their relationship with clothing changing, as they want to be seen by the world. Weight loss and improved health typically go hand in hand. Most people are familiar with the BMI chart, and have had their doctor mention it to them. However, doctors cannot be there to drag people off the couch and cook grilled vegetables for them. This is too bad, because weight loss is so healthy. Some people are able to go off medications. Others may find some of their aches and pains going away. They are no longer at risk for a host of diseases, including Type 2 diabetes. They may no longer be on the path to surgeries, such as back surgeries and knee replacements. In the end, this saves them money and could even prolong their lives.

Many overweight people use food to self-medicate. In the process of losing weight, they should find other ways to relieve stress. Alternatively, they may find ways to avoid or minimize stressors. Maybe it is finally time to end a toxic friendship or see a counselor, rather than trying to fix feelings with cookies. Often, when someone in a family adopts healthier habits, it encourages other family members to do the same. Things like cooking together and family walks create opportunities for families to spend quality time together.

It is a wonderful thing to create a family tradition of health rather than one of illness and negativity. The confidence that comes from losing weight spills over into other areas of life. People can take their weight loss success and use the feeling of accomplishment to try other things, like advancing in their careers or trying a new hobby. Some people are inspired by their body’s power and enter marathons. They become role models for other people who are struggling. Sometimes they feel to help others lose weight. This “pay if forward” philosophy has the potential to make a difference in the world. An increase in healthy, happy people is a fabulous legacy to contribute. Being a healthy weight will not solve all your problems, or solve the world’s problems, but it makes life more pleasant. Doesn’t it feel good to take on a challenge? Do something to take care of your body and come out on the winning end. Weight loss is the ultimate gift a person can give himself or herself.

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