9 Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight Fast

When in pursuit of trimming your weight, it is easy to become tempted by unhealthy ways to lose weight fast, such as taking up smoking, starving yourself or excessive exercise. However, although many of these strategies may offer you efficient and prompt weight loss, the bulk of these strategies can cause long term dangers to your health, your body, and your mentality.

Below, you will learn more about the worst techniques for weight loss


The nicotine in cigarettes may cause appetite suppression, helping you to burn up to additional two 100 calories every day through stepping up your metabolism. However should you continue to inhale smoke over the foreseeable future, cigarettes can enhance your risk of heart disease, strokes, and emphysema.
If you smoke, there are alternative methods you can harness to help you lose weight and quit smoking. Working out vigorously for thirty minutes every day, for instance, can help you to burn these same two hundred calories. Whilst eating 6-8 minute dinners a day can help to boost your metabolic rate and keep your appetite in check.

Making yourself sick
Making yourself sick, is yet part of the unhealthy ways to lose weight fast. For instance, pushing a toothbrush down your throat or taking a purging aid such as Ipecac to help make yourself vomit is an incredibly risky way to lose weight. As well as contributing towards eating disorders such as bulimia, vomiting can trigger rotten teeth, gum disease, heart failure and even death.

More than Exercising

Exercises To Lose Weight

It is possible to workout too much and put weight on. Recent research has found that individuals who exercise too much are at risk of overeating once they are back home. Furthermore, straining yourself too much when you work out, could risk you of becoming tired and prone to hurting yourself.
Instead of pushing yourself so hard, try to separate your regime into five equally proportioned daily workouts with 2 days of no exercise. This gives enough recovery time to your body, as well as help to increase your metabolism and stop unnecessary cravings.

Starving Yourself
Worryingly the most harnessed unhealthy way to lose weight, the danger of starving yourself is once you eat again, it is easy to swiftly put this weight back on as your brain thinks it has beaten a famine. Furthermore, make your body experience a prolonged hunger and this can trigger severe bodily damage, fatigue, disorientation and even death. You can eliminate nutrients from your diet yourself in order to experience weight loss by going on a three-day ritual fast where you limit your food consumption to under 1,000 a day for up to 3 days. Your body will now utilize your fat stores and lose weight healthily.

Slimming Pills and Fat Burners

Metformin for Weight Loss
At times the fat burners and slimming pills could have undesirable side effects. These side effects could incorporate migraines/ headaches, getting jittery, stomach pains, fast pulse, hypertension, restlessness, and getting bad tempered. But, a portion of the reactions would be needed things like having more energy and less appetite.

Ephedra is one of the risky fat burners that is restricted in America. Ephedra Prohibition was because it led to heart many other cardiovascular negative effects. Thus, you ought to converse with your specialist before utilizing any fat burners and slimming pills. The FDA got several reports about terrible implications of ephedra, including strokes, heart attacks, and deaths.
Besides Ephedra, There are many other pills out there that promise to burn off all your excess fat just by taking them, but the truth of the matter is that most of these pills are scams and some of them are yet to be approved by the DFA.
For the few pills that work, you will not experience their weight loss effects if you are not exercising and eating a healthy diet. Also, most of these drugs have serious potential side effects especially if you use an overdose of these drugs.

Doing only sit-ups and crunches
It is a big error to believe that sit-ups and crunches exercises will help you to shed only your belly fat. Sit ups could give you a backache, and if you do not have strong abdominal muscles, you will end up injuring yourself. Also, crunches help you to tone up your abdominal muscles without necessarily burning off extra belly fat.
If you want to burn off stomach and body fat, you have to exercise your whole body intensively to make sure that you sweat properly; spot fat reduction of belly fat alone is not possible.

Skipping meals
Another common lose weight fast unhealthy way is the deliberate skipping of meals to slim down because when you skip meals, you make your weight loss goals much harder to achieve.
This is so because our bodies tend to burn fat when we need extra energy while our bodies tend to store fat when it is not supplied regularly with food. The longer you skip eating, the lower the amount of body fat that your body will burn off per hour.
When you eat frequently, you raise your metabolic rate, and you burn off more fat; just ensure your meals contain no excessive calories and spread your meals throughout the day.

Using tummy fit oil
There is no such thing as slimming fat burning oils. There are no shortcuts to effective weight loss; you have to exercise and adjust your diet consistently if you want to become slim and trim.
Instead, if you are finding it hard to lose weight and enhance your diet, why not contemplate trying a weight loss tablet? Proven supplements such as Proactol can provide you with the support you require to reduce your dietary fat consumption by 28% while reducing your desire for food and minimizing your cholesterol rates.

Joining a gym without having a plan

Exercises To Lose Weight Fast
Do not follow the category of people that just join gyms without actually planning how they will lose weight because it is one of the unhealthy ways to lose weight fast. Visiting and being part of gym activities, is necessarily not a certainty that will automatically result in your successful fat burning. If you want to be successful in making use of a gym, you must be ready to work hard in the gym just like you would have to work hard at home to lose weight.
To lose weight successfully, you have to burn more calories than what you are consuming; if you work extra hard in a gym only for you to load yourself with heavy meals after your workout, you will not lose weight successfully.
Also, avoid buying protein shakes every time that you go to the gym to workout.

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