What smoothies I can use to lose my weight ?

While you are looking for weight loss programs you can find many suggestions for smoothies to be a part of these programs that help you in this field. How do they work?? What about their safety?? And what about their efficiency??

All these questions depend mainly on smoothies’ ingredients, so today we will provide you with some of these ingredients which can be used to be a source of fibers, proteins, energy, and also give the sweet taste of the smoothie.


  • Water

Try to use water as a base for the smoothie instead of milk. This will reduce the calories you get. You can also use tea especially green tea that helps you lose more weight by boosting your metabolism and so burning more calories.
If you want to increase the consistency of your smoothie you can use ice.

  • Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has a high content of protein which will make you feel full for a longer time and so eat less. It also has fewer calories when compared to other types of yogurt.

  • Avocado

Avocado will provide your smoothie with the needed thickness. Besides giving good fat and proteins, avocado is full of vitamins and minerals anybody needs during weight loss.

  • Chia seeds

When you hear chia seeds you will remember hair growth. But today we will use it as a source of proteins and fibers that help you lose your weight by giving you a feel of fullness. It can also be considered as a good source for many antioxidants and calcium.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil provides your smoothie with good fat that is used by the body as a source of energy instead of being stored.for more you can read The Important Essential Oils For Weight Loss .

  • Cinnamon

You can use cinnamon to give the sweet taste of the smoothie. It also makes your body regulate glucose levels. By this, you will help your body to avoid storing excess glucose as a fat.


  • Leafy greens

Leafy greens are rich in vitamins, mineral, and fibers that make your smoothie healthier. These greens will also make you feel more energized with little calories.

  • Berries

Berries are very good for your health due to containing many antioxidants and fibers. They also give a nice flavor to the smoothie with little calories.

  • Stevia

Stevia is a natural (plant-extracted) sweetener that can be used safely to add the sweet taste to the smoothie without adding extra calories when compared to artificial sweeteners.

  • Pepper

The most important element in pepper that is helpful for your aim to lose weight is capsaicin. It works by boosting body’s metabolism and reducing the appetite.


After knowing these healthy ingredients, it is important to know ingredients you should avoid, although being used as common components of any smoothie.

These ingredients include canned fruits, dairy products, and juices. They all add a high percentage of calories to your smoothie. They also may have substances that are not clearly safe such as certain preservatives in canned food.

You should also avoid using too many sweet fruits and artificial sweeteners to get fewer calories.




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