Metformin for Weight loss

Metformin for Weight loss

Some researchers say that Metformin can really help in weight loss, so let’s discover how we can use Metformin for weight loss.

Metformin is the first-line treatment for type 2 and some type 1 diabetes patients. It acts by increasing the sensitivity of body cells to insulin which will help control blood glucose levels.
Different researches on diabetes patients who use metformin have revealed that metformin helped those patients to lose some weight or prevent them from gaining weight that caused by using other diabetes drugs such as sulfonylureas.

How does metformin work??!

when you eat foods with high sugar content, this sugar will be absorbed from your intestine to reach your bloodstream, so, your pancreas will produce and release insulin that helps decrease your blood levels of glucose.
When insulin levels increase after regulating glucose, this will make you feel hunger and will enhance your liver to produce more fat from excess calories. As a result, you will become overweight by eating more food and storing more fat.
Metformin prevents these things from happing by reducing the absorption of glucose from your intestine, reducing glucose and fat production by the liver, and increasing your cells sensitivity to insulin. It will enhance and regulate the uptake of glucose by your muscles.
So we can say that metformin helps you lose your weight by making you feeling less hunger and so eating less food.

How to use metformin??!

Metformin can be used in different doses such as 1000 mg daily or more. And this can be determined depending on the personal BMI by a doctor or by a nutritionist.
It is important to know that metformin will not reduce your weight dramatically; it will be a slower loss in weight. You should also know that taking metformin should be combined with exercises because different studies have concluded that using metformin with regular exercises will help you lose more weight when compared to using metformin alone.

Is metformin safe??!

Metformin can be considered as a safe drug that has limited side effects which can be said to be mainly within the gastrointestinal system such as nausea. By many studies that were performed on metformin, no hypoglycemic attack was reported to any of patients using it.
But metformin is not considered to be an OTC (Over the Counter) drug in most countries till now. So, if you want to benefit from metformin you must use it after asking your GP (General Practitioner). He or she will decide when to use it and what the perfect dose for you according to the BMI.
Is metformin an effective choice??!
A wide range of studies was performed on metformin in the field of weight loss besides diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome (POS). All of them have approved that metformin help patients lose their weight by making them feel lees hunger and so eat fewer foods. And most of them revealed that the outcome result will be better when patients used metformin in a combination of daily or weekly exercises.(you also can read All About Metformin Weight Loss You Need to Know).
These studies also have shown that weight regaining is prevented when metformin is used to lose weight. So it is can be a good choice for weight loss for many patients especially for women who have POS.
Finally, you should be careful when to use any drug, and not to use it without referring to the doctor to avoid any unwanted bad effects.

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