Meal Timing for Weight Loss, Does It Matter?

So the idea behind eating every two to three hours is to keep the metabolism up, so the body has to ask for more and more calories, thus forcing the body to dip into fat storages. I honestly believe that eating small meals almost snack-like meals 6-8 times per day is one of the best ways for you to lose body fat. Even though it has been said that the body does not need small meals to keep the metabolism up, I think it is a great habit to train yourself to eat smaller meals. So when you are done dieting you don’t have the terrible habit of over eating. Also, you ensure that your body is using the food for fuel rather than storing any of it, so it’s a great way to know that you are not overeating in any way.


Eating only when hungry


Eating only when hungrily is easier said than done. It makes sense on paper but in actuality, the food can speak more than your discipline at times. So I believe that eating only when hungry is great if you make sure that you do not overeat at meal time. It’s a very natural reaction for the mind to go into panic mode and want to eat over because you know you are going to be waiting and constantly asking yourself “am I hungry yet?”. When dieting for single digit body numbers, this can be a disaster waiting to happen because “failure to plan, is a plan for failure”.

Get Rid of Belly Fat

Intermittent Fasting


Some people like to intermittent fast for a 24 hour period, or 12-18 hour period 1-3 times per week for weight loss. They believe that the calories cut from the fasting days will make up for the days that they do not cut calories for. This can seem like a relief to some, while for others this triggers an anxiety and makes them eat more. I have tried this myself and have honestly found that this is not the way to go. It made me crazy over food, and quite distorted as I could never follow my bodies signs. As soon as I stopped fasting, I got better body composition change.


I think for best fat loss, you do need to eat every two hours, small, and clean meals. Having protein, moderate fat and carbohydrates coming from vegetables. Give yourself a timeline like two weeks to see what kind of results you can make in that time frame, this way the goal is short, and you can do it. Realize for maximum fat loss; this is NOT something you should do for a lifestyle approach to dieting.

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