Losing Weight Foods to Eliminate from the Diet

If you are losing weight or trying to, there are foods you need to eliminate from your diet to reach your goal. Some of these foods are often misunderstood for being a healthy food. Here is a list of foods to eliminate from the diet.

Sodas and Sugary Drinks

Sodas and Sugary Drinks 

If you are looking to lose weight, eliminating soda might be the best food to eliminate from your diet. Not only is soda high in calories, but it also has no nutritional value. Research has shown that soda depletes the body of essential vitamins needed for weight loss. Soda can even affect the taste buds and make you feel hungrier. According to a survey conducted at the University of Texas in San Antonio, even diet soda can contribute to a 41 percent weight gain. Within weeks of giving up soda, you can start seeing weight loss results. Vitamin Water You might be surprised to learn that vitamin water is on a list of foods to avoid for weight loss, but vitamin water is loaded with sugar. A bottle of vitamin water contains around 8 teaspoons of sugar. Instead, opt for plain water. If you can’t stomach the taste of plain water, try adding a squeeze of orange for a refreshing beverage without the fat. You can read 10 Surprising Foods To Promote Weight Loss .



Muffins Yes, Even Bran Muffins are one of the fattiest treats you can eat. Loaded with sugar, candy, flour, nuts and saturated fats, muffins are like eating a piece of cake without the icing. Avoid these diet at all times. Many people turn to bran muffins because they want to take advantage of the added fiber. While fiber can be very beneficial to any weight loss plan, bran muffins are loaded with sugar, flour, and fat. A bran muffin is like eating a giant cookie. This is not the kind of food you want to be eating if weight loss is your goal.


White Rice

White Rice 

While white rice is not necessarily unhealthy for you, it is not an ideal food for people who are trying to lose weight. Brown rice provides the body with fiber, protein, and very little fat. White rice is simply brown rice that has been stripped, a process that reduces the nutrients significantly. White or brown rice are both healthier substitutions for a loaded baked potato with sour cream. This is why is it important to look at your individual lifestyle, before deciding on which foods to eliminate from your diet.


White Bread and Other Processed Grains 

White bread is created by bleaching the flour, a process that removes the fiber from bread. Once fiber has been eliminated from bread, the only thing that is left is a carbohydrate, which causes your body to produce more insulin and stores the leftover within your body. In other words, your body treats bread as if it was sugar.

Potato Chips 

According to JFK Medical Center, potato chips are one America’s most fattening foods. Potato chips contain high levels of trans fat and other saturated fats. Even potato chips varieties labeled “healthy” can have high amounts of sodium and preservatives. Since potato chips come in large bags, it is easy to eat too many at once. If you must eat potato chips, check the label for recommended serving size, and portion your chips accordingly. Or better yet, eliminate potato chips from your diet completely. Crackers Often served as a healthy snack at parties and after-school functions, crackers have little nutritional value and can do harm than good if you are trying to lose weight. Most cracker brands are loaded with sodium and made only from white flour. Even the healthy varieties are not good for people who are trying to lose weight. Skip the crackers, and crack a handful of carrots instead!

Skim Milk 

If you are a milk drinker, you might be surprised to know whole milk is healthier than skim milk. During the processing of skim milk, many of the nutrients are flushed away, leaving you with an empty beverage. The fat contained in whole milk is soluble, meaning the time it takes to break down in the body is very minimal. All varieties of milk should be consumed in moderation if you’re trying to lose weight.



People often turn to mayonnaise to cover up or enhance their meal. By using mayonnaise, you are adding extra fat to your meal. Instead, try adding spices or fresh spicy peppers for added flavor. Not only are spices and fresh peppers could for you, but they can also speed up your metabolism, which helps with losing weight.


White Potatoes 

These potatoes are loaded in calories, with only trace amounts of fiber and protein. In addition to the lack of nutrients, potatoes are subject to lots of added fats. Whether baked, boiled, or mashed, white potatoes are bland in taste and are often loaded with bad foods like butter, sour cream, and sodium. A better alternative to white potatoes is sweet potatoes, only because they contain higher levels of vitamins.


Unless you are juicing the fruit yourself, the juice you are drinking is probably not good for your diet. Even though juice starts with fruit, processing removes most of the benefits of juice. Not only is fiber removed during the juicing process, but the nutrients are also removed during the pasteurization process. Try juicing your juice, or look for unpasteurized varieties. try this List of Best Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss .


Energy Bars 

Most energy bars sold in supermarkets are full of sugar, chocolate, and nuts. Yes, all the same, ingredients you are trying to avoid in candy can be found in energy bars, and almost the same amount, too. The only difference between your favorite candy bar and energy bars is that energy bars contain granola and sometimes small amounts of protein. Be very careful about eating energy bars when you are trying to lose weight. These are just a few of the foods you should eliminate from your diet if you’re on a quest to losing weight.

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