How to Lose Belly fat for Men – The Best Ways!

How to Lose Belly fat

It seems everyone is in a competition to stay fit and active. Men today also want to have a perfect body. However, the kind of food that is commonly available ends up depositing fat inside the body. If you’ve been wondering about how to lose belly for men then you’ve come to the right place.

How to Lose Belly fat for Men


Cardio Blast

Cardio is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. It is a fast paced method. A more intense cardio session will lead to more calories burned. It also includes approximately 10-15 minutes of burpees, jumping jacks, and jump squats. Each of them is changed every 15 minutes with 10-20 seconds of rest between each set.

Weight Training

Weight training works well to burn calories alongside cardio. It helps to give metabolism a boost. Dumbbell push-ups, crunches, lever lying crunches are strength training exercises which are specially done for burning belly fat.

Workout Planning

To remove belly fat it is necessary that one plans five sessions of 30-40 minute workouts with 3-5 strength training sessions every week. The exercises are to be altered for upper and lower body each day. Lung press, bicep curls, dumbbell kickbacks, crunches, lunges, squats etc. for upper and lower body are to be given time with proper rest between those workouts.

Diet Plans

Cut down the carbs in your diet and add in more protein. The calories present in each gram of protein is easier to burn compared to calories in carbs. Men need to avoid foods with higher levels of fructose. Keep away from those soft drinks.

Foods that contain fiber are known to give the body good carbs as they help the body to feel full throughout the day and thus, eat less. Beans and fruits are one of the best foods which are healthy and have a low level of calories. Skipping meal isn’t healthy so don’t do that. Instead of helping to burn fats, skipping meals puts the body in a catabolic state.

Avoid potatoes in any form, either french fries, baked potatoes, or snack foods. Frozen items play a major role in building up fats in the body as they have more calories and require a certain amount of oil to cook. While sitting on the couch to watch a sports game try and snack on a bowl of fruit.

Water Intake

Water is one of the necessities for the human body. Try and drink more amounts of water while at the office. Drinking more water helps in keeping a steady metabolism rate. It can also help provide a feeling of fullness. Drinking water will also keep you fresh throughout the day.

Other important points to consider when it comes to how to lose belly fat for men is to cut down the salt. Foods containing high salt content like cheese, salted roasted nuts, pickle, cereals having salts, baked items, and sauces etc. are to be avoided. While gaining fat is a lot easier than losing it, losing belly fat for men is possible if they stick to a well-designed diet and exercise plan.



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