How to Lose 20 Pounds in 6 Months

How To Lose Weight

The topic of weight can be anxiety-inducing for many, which is why so many people rely on the power of avoidance when it comes to stepping on the scale. If you are one of the many people who find the topic of weight and weight-loss to be anxiety-inducing, you are more likely to be the type of person who avoids regular weigh-ins.

How To Lose Weight Safely At Home
Interestingly enough, a recent publication in a peer-reviewed journal on Nutrition found that there is actually a correlation between weighing yourself daily and the amount of weight you lose overall. Specifically, a study held at Duke University’s Obesity Prevention Program found that among those who took part in a weight-loss study, participants who weighed-in daily lost three times as much weight and body fat as those who did not.
The study consisted of 47 overweight adults selected to take part in the clinical weight-loss trial. All were given the same health-conscious tips and were advised to weigh themselves daily. Participants’ weighed themselves using electronic scales that registered the findings directly into the researchers’ computer systems, allowing researchers to track each participant’s fluctuations in weight, as well as their frequency of weigh-ins.
What was notable about this study was the researchers’ ability to ensure that data collection occurred in a systematic and controlled way among all study participants. This method of data collection proved more reliable than previous weight-loss studies, which have used data collected by self-report among participants and that were unable to account for possible discrepancies between scales.
After 6 months, researchers analyzed their data and produced their findings. Among study participants, 51% followed the instructions of weighing in daily, with an average weight loss of 20 lbs. These participants were also found to be more likely to have followed through with the weight loss recommendations that were given upon the study’s onset — such as increased water consumption, increased walking, snacking more infrequently, and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their diet. By comparison, the other 49% of participants — who weighed-in approximately 5 days out of the week — were found to have averaged weight loss of only 7 lbs. over the 6-month study. you may like to read How to lose 20 pounds Fast.
The authors of the publication explain this apparent connection by describing how weighing in daily appears to have also promoted the successful adoption of the recommended behaviors that resulted in additional weight loss. So, the study participants who followed the guidelines and recommendations most faithfully actually saw the best results. As dietitian Julie Upton, MS, RD, notes, a self-awareness that comes from regular weigh-ins might be the key to sustained weight loss. In other words, rather than relying on crash-dieting to reduce your weight, the most effective weight-loss strategies also involve the long-term incorporation of health-conscious behaviors into your lifestyle.

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