How To Reduce Weight In A Week

Sometimes the road to weight loss can be a long and tedious one, or maybe your ideal weight is a tiny speck in the distance and you feel like you may never get there. This can be demotivating but fortunately, there are ways to kick start your weight loss journey, reducing weight within a week. This hint of motivation can go a long way if results can show us that we are making a difference; that we are chipping away at our goals and getting closer to our ideal weight. We will run through some great ways to reduce weight in a week and get you on that motivation train!.

How To Reduce Weight In A Week


How To Reduce Weight In A Week


Diet-specific tips to reduce weight in a week

food for Weight loss

It’s pretty obvious that diet is a huge cause of either weight gain or weight loss. If you’re looking to make a dent in your weight loss journey practice a low-carb, high-protein diet to see fast results. Foods with low carbohydrates such as non-starchy vegetables (zucchini, mushroom, celery), eggs, salmon, beans, avocado, walnuts, cottage cheese and plain yogurt are examples of fantastic food choices. And because most people are so used to such a high carbohydrate intake (because they’re in the majority of foods), the sudden lack of carbohydrates in your diet can result in a quick change to those scales. A lack of carbs also results in less glycogen. This is the substance that tells your body to retain sodium which in return retains water, resulting in additional water weight.

Now onto protein; the best choice to help boost your metabolism as well as keep you feeling fuller for longer. Eggs, lean meat such as chicken breast and fish are high in protein, as are almonds, milk, cottage cheese, and broccoli. If you focus on meals which incorporate high levels of protein as the main component of your dish and limit the amount or size of other components on your plate, this is an ongoing tool to sustain weight loss. Furthermore, you want to ensure that your metabolism is boosted as much as possible. A slow metabolism means that while you’re resting or inactive, your body burns a lower amount of fat. So the healthier your metabolism, the faster it operates and aids fat burning. The right diet and exercise choices are the main contributing factors to a healthy metabolism.

Not only should you be looking at low-carb, high-protein foods, watching your calorie intake in its entirety is crucial. Processed foods and foods high in sugar and fat are a big no-no when you’re looking to reduce weight in a week. Basic maths tells us that eating less calories than what we expel is the key to weight loss, so keeping your calorie intake as low as you can, while exercising is going to be your ultimate plan of attack. We recommend cutting out any drink besides water, eating your largest meal in the morning and do not eat anything after dinner. On top of this, avoid any type of junk food like candy, chocolate, cakes, fried food, potato chips and soft drink. There’s plenty of apps available for calorie counting if you want to check the calorie intake on a particular item of food.

With any of these food and diet tips, the more extreme you are about cutting down calories and high-carb foods, the more likely you will see a reduction in your weight within a week. Of course, proceed with caution. Do not go starving yourself and always make healthy choices. If in doubt, speak to a doctor or dietitian to ensure you’re not endangering yourself.

Exercising for fast weight loss


Exercising for fast weight loss
Next, we move on to the best exercises and activities to get your body in shape fast! You may have heard of high-intensity interval training. It’s called HIIT for short and it is popular because it practices the routine of high-intensity exercises at a fast pace for short spurts of time with small breaks in between. This means that you’re not constantly pushing so hard that you exhaust yourself and decide to quit for the day. Exercise obviously burns fat, so adding it to your carefully planned diet is bound to give you results within a week. In fact, you’d be silly not to. HIIT works by getting your heart rate up really high, really quickly. The on and off routine of small sports works to burn fat faster and because it is so intense, some reports have shown that the body continues to burn fat for hours afterwards. You can understand that with an ongoing jog or high-paced walk, once you stop for five minutes or so, your breathing and heart rate go back to normal and you’ve basically fully recovered.

Another great exercise to aid weight loss within a week is resistance training. Resistance training with weights or resistance bands works to eat up your stored carbohydrates/glycogen which results in shedding water weight and sweat. It also builds muscle which in turn, reduces fat. Both of these exercise examples are also fantastic for boosting your metabolism and strengthening your body. Finding time for exercise can be hard but it’s crucial if you’re trying to reduce your weight in a week. Besides dedicated exercise or training sessions such HIIT, find ways to incorporate movement into your day. A short walk on your lunch break or after dinner is an easy way to keep active.

Now get to it!

Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight Fast
Overall, you want to hit your body with all these tools at once to combat your weight and reduce that number on the scale after just one week. Imagine how motivated you will feel and the inspiration it will give you to keep going! Keep in mind that in the long term this routine cannot always work as your body adjusts. It’s also important in the long term to factor in ways to sustain your weight loss and practice a balanced diet and active living. However, we’ve made sure to only recommend healthy ways to reduce weight in a week so you’re not doing anything drastic or cruel to your body. Best of luck!

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