A Healthy Meal Plan to Lose Weight

A lot of men and women are conscious about their weight because for them being overweight is associated with embarrassment, and other diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. A proper meal plan can help people get rid of excess weight and become healthy. If you are looking for a meal plan to lose weight then you can try out the one shared below. Remember that you don’t need to skip meals in order to be healthy.

Weight loss Foods

Day 1

Breakfast: drink a cup of low fat milk, a boiled egg, any seasonal fruit, and untoasted muesli.

Lunch: a bowl of fresh salad, a piece of tuna, and a cup of low-fat yoghurt.

Dinner: a bean salad, 2 pieces of brown bread, and one piece of grilled chicken.

Day 2

Breakfast: two pieces of toast (multigrain), honey or cottage cheese, plus a banana.

Lunch: a bowl of corn salad, salmon potato cakes, and reduced fat ice cream.

Dinner: one apple, a bowl of green salad, and a piece of grilled lemon chicken.

Day 3

Breakfast: any seasonal fruit, low fat milk with whole grain cereal flakes.

Lunch: a bowl of fresh salad, one boiled egg, and a cheese sandwich containing any kind of meat you prefer.

Dinner: a cup of yoghurt, a chickpea salad, and salmon.

Day 4

Breakfast: a banana smoothie and two slices of fruit toast.

Lunch: chickpea salad and one boiled egg.

Dinner: a cup of yoghurt, green salad, and a bowl of spaghetti of your own choice.

Day 5

Breakfast:  one banana, low fat milk and whole cereal flakes or oatmeal.

Lunch: a small cup of hot chocolate coffee and sushi rolls (filled with veggies, tuna, salmon or chicken)

Dinner: a fruit platter, steamed vegetables, a small chunk of reduced fat cheese and lean steak.

Day 6

Breakfast: any fruit of your own choice, one boiled egg, two pieces of toast with jam or cheese.

Lunch: any fruit milkshake and pita bread filled with roast beef or chicken.

Dinner: reduced fat ice cream, grilled chicken and a plate of salad/fruit.

Day 7

Breakfast: a boiled egg, multigrain toast, and any fruit of your choice.

Lunch: mayonnaise & lettuce sandwich, a cup of low fat yoghurt, and one piece of grilled chicken.

Dinner: a banana smoothie, grilled vegetables with brown rice, some almonds and a cup of yoghurt.

In the afternoon and evening, you should eat light snacks like low-calorie biscuits and nuts.

Throughout the whole day, you must drink two glasses of water before eating any meal. This meal plan to lose weight will definitely help in getting rid of fats, and allow you to look healthy.

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