How Does Green Tea Help In Weight loss?

It is common knowledge that green tea is thought to be one of the healthiest drinks to be ever made by human beings. Green tea is known to be full of antioxidants as well as other chemicals that are quite helpful for the overall health of a person. Numerous studies have shown that this beverage increases the amount of fat burned in the body which as a result helps a person in losing weight. A lot of people are interested in green tea / weight loss due to the beneficial ingredients present in the drink.

How Does Green Tea Help In Weight loss


Perhaps the ingredient that is considered one of the best when it comes to weight loss is caffeine. A cup of green tea has a much lower amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee; however, it is still enough to cause a mild effect. Caffeine is quite a famous stimulant and according to a lot of research it helps in burning fat and also improves the performance during exercise.


What makes green tea really effective for weight loss is the great amount of antioxidants it has. The beverage is filled with a certain kind of antioxidants which are known as catechins. One of the most significant antioxidant is EGCG which is also known as Epigallocatechin gallate. This chemical is responsible for boosting the metabolism of a person. If you want to burn a good amount of fat then you need your body to break those stored fat cells and then move them through your bloodstream. All of the active compounds present in green tea help with this entire process by boosting the effects produced by the hormones responsible for burning fat inside the body.

The primary antioxidant, which is EGCG, present in green tea helps in inhibiting an enzyme which breaks the hormone called norepinephrine. As a result, when the inhibition of this particular enzyme occurs, the levels of norepinephrine in the body increase. The nervous system then uses the norepinephrine in order to signal the fat cells, and to make them break down fat. Hence, the greater the amount of norepinephrine the stronger the signal delivered to the cells and higher the amount of fat that is broken down. The broken down fat cells are then released into the blood and are then available for the other cells, such as the muscle cells, to be used for energy. The person not only gets rid of the unnecessary fat but also acquires energy through this whole process.

EGCG as well as caffeine are ingredients that are naturally present in green tea. They also have a synergistic effect that boost the overall weight loss effect of green tea.

Keep in mind that the body always tries to burn calories. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting, standing, or even sleeping; the cells present in the body continuously perform thousands of functions which require a good amount of energy. Green tea enhances this process and makes sure that the body is capable of dissolving stored fat cells for energy purposes.

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