Eating One Serving of This Food a Day Could Help You Lose Weight

weight loss foods

With the health problems associated with being overweight, it is no wonder that many people are constantly looking into super foods to help them shed the extra weight. One of these super foods happens to be a common food readily available around us.

Weight loss Smoothie

According to information published in the American Journal of Clinical nutrition, a new study shows that beans coupled with lentils and chickpeas are proving to be one of the best weight loss foods. The study involved the analysis of 21 clinical trials on over 900 participants. It revealed that three-fourths of a cup of these legumes included in the daily diet in itself facilitated weight loss without any physical exercise or dietary changes.

The participants who lost weight shed an average of 0.75 pounds just by adding legumes to their diet. Nutritionist and author of Slim Down Now; Cynthia Sass, attributed this to the protein, fiber and complex carbohydrate content of the legumes. This three help to slow down digestion and thus reduce appetite by causing satiety.

Moreover, research indicates that the high fiber contained in peas, lentils, and chickpeas reduce the absorption of calories into the body. This is not to mention they contain minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants as well. These compounds help in boosting the immune system, neutralizing the actions of free radicals and maintain general body health.

With all these beneficial properties, it is surprising that most people are not overly enthusiastic about consuming beans. Cynthia Sass claims that the average person consumes just 6.5 pounds of beans a year. It gets more surprising when this is compared to the 33 pounds of cheese and 74 pounds of red meat consumed in the same duration.

Beans, in particular, have an unwarranted reputation of upsetting the digestive system causing gas and bloating. Studies show that they have a very small role to play in digestive distress. Sass advises that the body adjusts to consumption of beans if taken regularly. The easiest way to increase the consumption of this weight loss food is by substituting it for meat and some starches in our daily recipes such as burgers and pasta.

Beans can also be added to regular smoothies. The drinks may be thick and creamy but are definitely worth the taste. Additionally, regular flour and pasta can be replaced by beans and chickpeas which are gluten free. It is highly recommended that for anyone trying to lose weight, they should include at least one serving of these legumes in their daily diets.


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