Eat More of This Food For Weight Loss Success

Weight loss Foods

Losing weight is a challenge for many people. If you are contemplating losing weight, you need to know the right things to do and also the wrong things you should avoid. One of the common mistakes people make is going to extremes which only backfires in the end.

Weight loss Foods

We all have some unhealthy foods or drinks that we love to consume. It could be cake, biscuits, fries, meat, soda and processed foods. Some people may restrict themselves from eating much during the week and overindulge in unhealthy food during the weekend. This is one of the worst methods to use to lose weight. One thing wrong with this method is that when you starve your body, it retains calories instead of burning them as a form of protection. When you overindulge in unhealthy foods during the weekend, you consume a lot of calories which pile up thus producing the opposite effect of what you wanted.

Completely cutting off unhealthy foods and turning to whole foods is beneficial to our general health but you may not succeed in losing weight through this method. You will shed some weight but you will frustrate yourself and eventually you may not completely stick to your diet. When you go back to eating such foods, the weight you lost will come back. You would not want your efforts to be unsuccessful. Some may go to the extent of cutting out all carbohydrates including fruits which contain carbs. It is impossible to follow such a diet for a long time. Leslie Langevin, a certified dietitian agrees that cutting out too much from our diet is biggest mistake people make when trying to lose weight.

80/20 is one of the best rules to follow when you want to lose weight. The rule involves eating in moderation. It encourages you to eat healthy but also leaves room for you to indulge in what you love just a little bit. That way, you will not feel frustrated about the transition. Hence, 80 percent of the time you will be eating healthy weight loss foods while the other 20 percent of the time can be used to satisfy your craving. It is a realistic and manageable diet and it works perfectly.

Eat more weight loss foods such as whole grain meals that contain high amounts of fiber, a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eating regularly without skipping meals will result in weight loss. As you write your diet, make sure it is balanced and something that you can follow without feeling so frustrated.

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