Best way To Lose weight After Thyroidectomy

Thyroidectomy involves the removal of thyroid glands through a surgical procedure. This is normally done if one has suffered from thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism or goiter. When you undergo thyroidectomy you are likely to add weight. This is due to the fact that thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism and in its absentia you may not lose weight instead you may gain 20lbs to 30lbs as a side effect of the procedure. This, therefore, calls for the need to lose weight as we all know the dangers of extra body weight. Seek your doctor’s advice before settling for any weight loss program so that you get the best way to lose weight after thyroidectomy.

Best way To Lose weight After Thyroidectomy

what is the Best way To Lose Weight After Thyroidectomy?

The best way to lose weight after thyroidectomy involves dieting, exercising and supplements as discussed below.


Lose Weight With a Cereal Diet

Losing weight after thyroidectomy requires you get yourself on a good diet plan which needs high amounts of carbohydrates to enhance one’s metabolism. Not all carbohydrates will help you with this, therefore stick to only good carbs such as sweet potatoes, fruits, and green vegetables. Additionally, avoid drinking calories such as sodas and eat more of healthy proteins such as eggs, chicken, fish and sprouts boiled and in a limited way.


How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week

A well-planned weight loss program combines both dieting and exercising. You cannot diet and leave exercise out of the picture and expect good results. The duos go hand in hand. So take a run instead of long lazy walks, lift weights to build muscle mass and hit the gym in the evening after work for weight training. To get better results with exercising, consistency and patience are key. Keep working out twice a day four times a week and rest assured of nothing but perfect results.

Medications and supplements

If you consult with your doctor he will probably recommend T4 thyroid medication to boost your metabolism. But taking a combination of both T4 and T3 medications may give you better results. This is because T3 does well in controlling metabolism and also is good in the fat burning process. Furthermore, take your medications on a continuous basis and do not miss a dose of our medication. Schedule your blood tests on a regular basis to enable your doctor to keep track of whether you are getting enough dosage of hormone replacement or not. What’s more, you can take specific herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are scientifically proven to help lose weight and also increase your metabolism.

Bottom line

Losing weight after thyroidectomy seems difficult but not impossible. Seek your doctor’s help to give you the right medication and combine it with the best way to lose weight after thyroidectomy above and rest assured of better and long lasting results. Your primary goal in weight loss should be eating healthy and exercising. With the right exercise routine, you will lose excess body fats and build muscle mass. This will give you far reaching results and permanent weight loss solutions. In this way, you will not have to worry about post thyroidectomy weight gain because clearly, you have it under control with the above guidelines.

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