Best Way to Lose Stomach Weight

Losing weight isn’t just for those who are overweight—people with excess belly fat usually need to lose a pound or two, no matter how thin they are. This is because of fat found in the stomach, also known as visceral fat, is harmful to the body and can cause ailments like heart disease and diabetes, among others. We all want to burn that extra, unhealthy fat. While the best way to lose stomach weight differs per person, there are three aspects that are common to everyone.

Best Way to Lose Stomach Weight

Your Diet: Eat Right to Burn the Fat

The Fast Way to Lose Weight

According to research, 90% of losing weight depends on your diet, while only 10% depends on exercise. Therefore, to lose stomach fat, a healthy diet is a must.

Everyone knows that certain foods are better to eat than others, but for losing stomach fat, the best kind of foods are those that: (1) are rich in fiber; (2) are high in protein; (3) are rich in omega 3; and (4) contain probiotics.

Soluble fiber, found in fiber-rich foods, turns into a gel-like substance upon entering the digestive system. This gel slows down the passage of food and helps the digestion process. High-protein food, on the other hand, not only helps the body retain muscles but also release a hormone that weakens appetite through making you feel full. Research shows that fatty fish, fish oil supplements, and other food rich in omega 3 melt away visceral fats. Lastly, probiotics can help you maintain weight through controlling weight gain.

In addition, you should also stay away from sugary drinks (e.g. sodas and fruit juices) and foods, carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats. Excessive intake of alcohol should also be avoided.


Your Routine: Staying Active through Exercise

Best Way To Lose Weight

Staying active is important, but in terms of losing stomach weight, some exercises are better than others. Research shows that aerobic exercises and weight training are best for stomach fat loss.

Aerobic exercises, like jogging, are said to be the best way to lose stomach fat. The more intense the exercise routine, the more weight is lost. Weight training, or resistance training, also contributes to the burning of visceral fat.

Your Habits: Healthy Living Everyday

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While diet and exercise play a huge role in fat loss, everyday habits also contribute to staying healthy and maintaining weight. For example, taking one tablespoon of apple cider daily has proven to not only lower blood sugar levels but also reduce fat storage.

Some other important habits are getting 8 hours of sleep, regular exercise, and reducing stress, among others. Tracking exercise habits and meal plans can also ensure the consistent habit staying healthy and reducing fat gain.


Finding the best way to lose stomach weight is a must. Apart from of looking great, you will also feel great both inside and out. Health should always be a priority, and losing belly fat is among the best ways to stay healthy. A small change in habits and everyday life can go a long way in terms of staying healthy.


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