The Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

Eager to kick-off your summer weight-loss challenge? Well, here are some key ways to get moving and watch the weight melt off of you! Hint: Sweating is a good thing!

Exercises To Lose Weight Fast
  1. Cardio. We’ve all heard it said, preached and repeated, time and time again – but here’s the kicker: it really does work! It doesn’t matter how you do it, but elevating your heart rate is going to boost your metabolism and keep you burning calories long into your day. If you have access to a treadmill but don’t want to run, try walking on a steep uphill incline for a longer period of time – you’ll be surprised how challenging a 40-minute walk can be.
  2. Strength Did you know muscles burn more calories? That’s all the more reason to get moving and get toned! Those shapely muscles don’t just look good, they’re actually helping you keep trim, too! So, here are a few strengthening exercises to incorporate into your exercise ritual that will work wonders on your physique.


Push-Ups: This exercise will work your chest, arms, and shoulders. The more you work at them, the more you can do – so don’t be afraid to start slow. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your strength builds over time.

Crunches: Crunches are great for working on the abdomen, and who doesn’t want a flat stomach and some killer abs?

Curls: These exercises work your biceps and are incredibly easy to work into your routine because all you need is a single free-weight! Ladies, don’t worry – you won’t bulk up unless you start eating mass quantities of protein! But if you’re not convinced, just use a lighter weight and do more reps.

Planks: Ending your workout with a plank is a great way to get a firming, core workout into your regiment. Work your way up in time, but aim for 3 sets of planks of increasing time. Have a bystander check your form, or plank next to a mirror to see for yourself. You’ll feel more centered and grounded in absolutely no time.

Row: The benefits of doing an exercise like rowing is that it works your back and shoulders – it might not sound excited, but we bet you’ve never thought about just how big your back muscles are, huh? The sheer size of the muscle in our backs makes working them out extremely efficient in terms of calorie burning. Targeting the larger, longer muscles of your body is a great way to make your workout more efficient and incredibly effective.

Lunge: Ok, truth be told, nobody particularly enjoys lunges, but they are a tried-and-true method of getting killer legs. If you get bored lunging in place, you can always grab a couple weights, and take a “lunge walk” around the premises. Sure, it looks a little goofy, but fellow gym-goers are guaranteed not to judge.

Reverse Dip: The reverse dip is a winner because since we’ve covered the biceps, we can’t forget your precious triceps! Be sure not to neglect the counterparts to the muscles you choose to focus on each day!

Squat: We all know what a squat is, and chances are, we all know what the squat does. They might not be cute, and they might not be pretty, but they work two of the most targeted body areas: the thighs and butt. Hopefully, you’ll consider your options and consider getting your squat on!


  1. StretchWe all know it can be helpful to stretch before serious exercise, to help protect ourselves from injuries, but stretching after a workout is a wonderful way to lengthen, elongate and help rejuvenate the muscles we’ve just targeted. In the best of all worlds, finding the time to incorporate a yoga class or two into your weekly or bi-weekly workout schedule will be a great addition. Plus, stress-reduction actually helps burn fat and promotes an overall, healthier lifestyle (imagine the wonders of no longer “stress-eating”!).

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