The Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat!

The fat present around the belly can be particularly hard to lose. However, with the right diet and a bit of exercise, you can get rid of the fat in no time. Check out the best diet to lose belly fat!

The Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat

Load your diet with protein

The most important food group that should be present in your diet, in order to lose fat around the belly, is protein. According to doctors, as you grow up, the body increases the amount of insulin that it produces because the fat cells and muscle do not properly respond to the amount of insulin already present in the body. Additionally, insulin is responsible for the storage of fat, specifically around the belly. Hence, such a diet that has a high amount of protein in it can save you from the resistance against insulin. One method with which you can increase the amount of protein that you take in is by adding organic protein whey in all of your meals, snacks and even smoothies.

In fact, in a study, people with a great amount of belly fat were asked to follow a diet which had about 30% of proteins while some of them were asked to stick to a diet with only 16% of it. The conclusion drawn from the study was that people who had more protein in their diet were able to lose a greater amount of fat compared to people who consumed less amount of protein.

Shift to polyunsaturated fat

According to numerous studies saturated fat add more visceral fat compared to unsaturated fat. People who used palm oil, which is saturated fat, were found to gain more amount of the visceral fat while people that used sun flower oil, which is polyunsaturated fat, gained a greater amount of muscle mass and a lower amount of body fat. A few sources of polyunsaturated fat include seeds, nuts, and fish. All of these foods can greatly help you in losing fat present around your belly.

Add more vinegar

For people with a significant amount of fat around the belly, vinegar is a helpful item to add in a diet to lose belly fat. While the correct effects of vinegar are unsure one possible explanation is that vinegar contains acetic acid which produces a good amount of protein which in turn burns up the fat present in the body. For optimum result, people should try and take two tablespoons of vinegar on a daily basis to lose belly fat.

Drink green tea

Along with exercise, one thing that you should consume is green tea. People who had a good amount of catechins in their system had a greater chance of losing the fat around the belly while they exercised as compared to those that didn’t drink green tea. Catechins are basically antioxidants that are present in all kinds of green teas.

Increase Your Intake of Fiber

Adding fiber in a diet to lose belly fat will work in your favor. The greater amount of fiber you take, the better it is for you since fiber helps in reducing the visceral fat present in the body.


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