5 Simple Steps To An Effective lose weight Strategy

New actions can be challenging because they are out of your comfort zone. But how are you ever going to progress by doing the same comfortable thing?

When you take new actions toward your goal that stretch you beyond what you are used to, you are doing three things: First, you are progressing toward your goals with your actions. Second, you are instilling a new belief with your new actions. Third, you are forming a new habit.

5 Simple Steps To An Effective lose weight Strategy

Key Mental Exercise For Challenging Habits


In the morning, create new habits by first writing down each action step you will take with the time and date listed. Then solidify the actions by imagining taking those actions and feeling them.


In the evening, write down all of your successful new habit-forming action steps that you took. Then repeat writing down the new action steps you will take the next day and solidify them again with imagery.


As a bonus, you can schedule this action plan in your day planner or phone. What gets scheduled gets done.


Action Steps

List three to five new action steps toward creating your new habit.

Morning: Write what you will do (time and place) and finish with imagery.you can read This Is the Best Breakfast For Weight Loss .


Evening: Write down your successful steps taken and what you will do tomorrow, then finish with imagery.


Once you form a new habit (21 or more days of continuous successes), put the action in a Victory List and choose your next new or challenging action steps.

The aim is to keep instilling new habits that will make your life even better. Add up to three new actions at a time. Just think: If you add three new habits every 21 days, you will have 52 new habits by this time next year!


What do you think 52 new empowering habits will do to your life? Find out.

In addition to adding new actions as habits on a daily basis, you can also add new mottos or positive sayings that can empower you on a daily basis.

For example, “My power is in the present moment.” “Yes, I can!” “I am getting better every day.”

When you say these things, think about what they mean and make it real! When you practice saying statements like these, they will continue to play over and over in your head, similar to a song on the radio.


Tell Others of Your Actions

Another great way to take actions that are uncomfortable is to promise someone else you will do this. We all like, to be honest, and live up to what we say we will do. Use this motive to your advantage and tell someone what you will do and when you’ll do it. Go out there and have fun with all of your new and better habits that will enrich your life!

Everyone has unique desires that bring them great excitement, joy, and fulfillment. It is my intention to help people take rapid action and stay consistent so that they may live their dream.


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