5 Best Teas for Weight Loss

More than half the population of people in the world is unhappy with their body sizes. They have been exploring different options to aid them in weight loss while many are only concentrating on exercises. After several researches, people have proven that in order for one to avoid obesity and its complications we should consider dieting and weight loss carefully. Many people have ventured into the dieting option which is a bit expensive forgetting that even simple things such as taking tea could be very advantageous. Let’s explore the options since it’s simpler to prepare and administer tea at different times of the day.

Green Tea Help In Weight loss

#1: The green tea

This type of tea is considered very useful in unlocking fat cells in our bodies. Most people are not at ease with their tummies especially the female gender. Green tea contains a compound called Catechins that can aid in making your belly flat. The substance simply works with the adipose tissue by triggering the release of fat from the fatty cells. Also, the compound helps the liver because it plays a major role in metabolism hence speeding the process of turning fat into energy.  This promotes weight loss and since the liver is involved in exothermic reactions, it helps in burning calories that we acquire every day from the meals that we eat.

#2: The Oolong tea

This is one of the best metabolism boosters in our bodies. It enhances the ability to metabolize lipids and fats breaking them down into energy. At the end consumption of Oolong tea can help the prevention of fat accumulation in different organs in the body which might be at risk. Similarly, the cooking fats and oils that we take today have cholesterol which is not a good dietary measure. Luckily, this type of tea can help us to lose at least one pound of weight every week and this will protect us against obesity. Oolong tea increases heat in the body in order to melt the excess lipids ensuring a healthy condition.

#3: The white tea

It is a product prepared by naturally drying tea in the sunlight minimizing the chances of excessive processing. The final product is a rich source of antioxidants. It prevents the formation of new fat cells by boosting lipolysis which helps in the breakdown of fats. It also blocks adipogenesis to prevent further formation of new fat cells. White tea has high levels of ingredients that absorb fat and promote the reduction of stress. Remember, stress can trigger hunger and fat storage which could lead to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. White tea is also major fat blocker to prevent any chances of obesity.

#4: The peppermint tea

Basically, this is a cravings crusher which can help in preventing the consumption of all the munchies people are unable to resist. The scent alone is able to suppress appetite especially for sweet and sugary foods which always add calories in our bodies. Peppermint tea is important in regulating sugar levels by stimulating the pancreas to produce the corresponding hormones to the current body condition. If the sugar levels rise, then insulin is produced to lower it. Also, if it is lower, the production of glucose is initiated to increase the production of optimum sugar. If your body has excess sugar, peppermint tea is a good catalyst for its digestion.

#5: The Rooibos tea

It consists of a powerful flavor called Aspalathin which reduces the stress hormone. It is also able to bar calories while suppressing appetite. This is a good product for those who want to diet and lose weight and have a healthy feeding habit to prevent known diseases like obesity and heart problems. Many people overfeed without their knowledge and if you have fallen into such a trap, consider Rooibos tea to naturally suppress your enormous appetite.


Dieting and weight loss will always be discussed on planet earth. Considering taking some of these teas will help you in developing the best feeding habit. Tea is something that one can take even when relaxing and due to its health benefits, it should be part of your life. Don’t suffer or become a victim of ignorance but just take these 5 types of teas to lose weight.

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