10 Surprising Foods To Promote Weight Loss

There are so many angles to a true, weight loss regiment  and your diet is one of the most important. This article takes a look at the foods to focus on incorporating into your diet to promote the results you’ve been working for. From anti-inflammatory foods to metabolism-boosters, here are ten tips to help you optimize your diet. If you think of your food as medicine, and remember to incorporate these helpful foods – rather than approaching weight-loss with a die-hard, restricting approach – you’ve already tackled one of the biggest hurdles. So, here they are:

Weight loss Foods

(1) Avocado, even though notoriously high in good fats, is an incredible, slim-inducing food. They contain oleic acid, a compound contained in said ‘good fats’, that can actually curb your feelings of hunger.

(2) Vitamin D and Calcium are two helpful supplements that have been clinically shown to accelerate weight loss! Vitamin D actually helps your body absorb calcium, and they’re found in plenty of natural foods – but are easily accessible in pill-form, too! When you purchase those foods known to contain Calcium, be sure to check for a Vitamin D-fortified option.

(3) Green Tea is a great way to start your morning. It’s full of health-boosting anti-oxidants and will provide you with that much-needed dose of caffeine to jumpstart your day! If you’d consider opting out of your morning cup ‘o joe once or twice a week, try swapping in a steaming cup of green tea instead. A study found that 5 cups per day result in double your weight loss.

(4) Legumes… those trusty beans! Red beans, black beans, lentil beans, garbanzos beans – you take your pick. Black beans, for instance, provide 15 grams of protein for just one cup, and they’re a great source of fiber.

(5) Grapefruit is a wonderful metabolism-boosting food that can be easily incorporated into your breakfast. Hopefully you’re a fan of the tart taste, but either way, if you keep your entire diet the same – but incorporate half a grapefruit before each meal – one study found you could lose a pound a week.

(6) Almonds are a super food when it comes to weight loss. They’re high in protein, high in good fats, and if you snack on them instead of a carb-filled snack? You’re halfway there.

(7) Oats, steel-cut to be exact, are the way to go to truly get a sense of fiber. They’re an awesome source of fiber – with a single serving helping you feel fuller for longer throughout the day.

(8) Broccoli is a wonderful side-food, eaten either raw or cooked. It’s healthy, low-calorie, and full of fiber! Surely you remember that fiber helps you feel full, making this vegetable a great one to eat on the regular.

(9) Salmon is chock-full of lean protein and only some more of those good fats. Plus, the omega-3’s found in fish oil also happen to be anti-inflammatory as well! They’ll help you beat the bloat while you enjoy a delicious meal.

(10) Gluten is not a popular topic. We know this! But the fact of the matter is, gluten is a major inflammatory agent that wreaks digestive havoc on the intestines – even if you aren’t fully celiac. If you’re looking to slim-down and dodge the bloat, consider incorporating a few gluten-free options into your meal-plans, just to see how you feel.

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